A Brief History of Darou Plastic Pars

Darou Plastic Pars Co. established under the name of “T.V. Plast” by Mr. Teymour Nazari in 1975, started manufacturing moulds and plastic pieces, specialized mainly in various types of plastic caps, bottles and dropper nozzles for detergent, acidic or anti-freeze solutions.

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What is Sedex certificate?

Sedex is an innovative and effective supply chain management solution. Sedex is a not for profit membership organization dedicated to driving improvements in ethical and responsible business practices in global supply chains.

ISO 9001

“ISO 9001 Certified” means an organization has met the requirements in ISO9001. It defines an ISO 9000 Quality Management System (QMS). ISO 9001:2008 is focused on meeting customer expectations and delivering customer satisfaction so you must pay attention to the customer.

GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice)

A GMP is a system for ensuring that products are consistently produced and controlled according to quality standards. It is designed to minimize the risks involved in any pharmaceutical production that cannot be eliminated through testing the final product.

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